Louis Nachmansohn - How to start running

Louis Nachmansohn writes about how to start running

Decide that you are going to start running on a regularly basis. The key decision to start running involves your whole personality and this means that you have to break old patterns and habits.

Start running at lunch if you are too tired after work (school). Eat well so that you can manage and when and if your body, feets and legs feel comfortable with it - start running or jogging twice a day. Make the first a full out run and the second either as a walk or a light jogging.

Adapting and progress in running

If you want to be a runner you should at least workout 4 passes / week. When training you should every week try to squeeze and run a little longer. When and if you get stuck in a plateu while running, work your technique, take days of from the long run and work your core and upperbody at the gym or outside doing pushups, squats and other.  You can also take a walk instead of taking the bus/car to work, you can use the stairs instead of the elevator etc.

the number, length or intensity of  your workouts.

Here are some tips from Louis on how to get back in your training routine:

  1. Find a training partner 
  2. Decide to run on specific days  
  3. Set a long term goal  
  4. Set realistic goals
  5. Treat yourself with rewards (massage, spa, ice-cream etc.)
  6. Do not push yourself too hard - only you know how much you can cope with
  7. Tell your friends, family and co-workers that you are a runner (so you can't skip your planned runs.)